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Multistage centrifugal pump long-term protective treatment

2013/6/11 view:

Multistage centrifugal pump long-term protective treatment

What you should be done when making long-term protective treatment for multistage centrifugal pump

1, the shaft seal
A filler seal of centrifugal pump
If packing seal, pump used in a long-term protection time, packing must be removed, change into special packing, the packing used only in the protection period.

It is recommended to use packing materials:
Filled ptfe synthetic fiber (for example: Chetra 1 71 1 GS or Hecker 1820) packing box body completely filled by several packing ring, cutting faces (90 °) wrong.
Must determine whether to take out the special packing and put on runtime use packing.

Before the test, it is necessary to determine whether or not to take out the special packing, change into the runtime use packing.

B mechanical seal centrifugal pump

Mechanical seal without replacement, anti-rust agent, after the circulation line and quench interface flow, turn the rotor by hand some time, the rust inhibitor is full of the whole seal chamber.

2, the pump body

First of all, the pump body surface must be clean, use!Introduces a kind of anti-rust agent antirust processing.If the flange with annular tee slot, should be with two flat pad in the slot.Useless pipe hole with a metal cap screw die.Cooling water and the circulation line with screw block, and then in the pump body, bottling anti-rust agent, when full of rust inhibitor, turn the rotor by hand some time (pay attention to the direction of rotation).Usually for a larger pump body, the scene processing methods usually spraying, once every six months spraying such requirements.

3, bracket

The same is full of rust inhibitor.Rust inhibitor is full to the axis of the bottom.
The maintenance of the centrifugal pump storage
Full of rust inhibitor components (pump body, bearing housing and bearing frame), every 6 months to get rid of weathering of coagulation, if necessary, add antirusting agent, at the same time in order to prevent bearing corrosion, turn the bearing rotor by hand at the same time, make applying a bearing surface.

Every 12 months, rust inhibitor to change one more time.If they do not change, want to pursue the responsibility of keeper.In order to perform protection rules, we suggest to establish maintenance form.If the big pump spray method is adopted to improve the protection, is the longest once every six months spraying.

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