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Suggestion on import and export in the machinery and equipment

2012/8/21 view:
Suggestion on import and export in the machinery and equipment

(a) Laos will cancel part of the equipment import tariffs, for domestic enterprises.According to Lao the vientiane times reported on October 8, to ease domestic inflationary pressure, the Lao government will cancel the part of the shortage of supplies and equipment import tariffs.Laos will put some domestic cannot provide raw materials and machinery for the production of import tariffs from 10% to zero, so as to improve its abilities of domestic production of goods, for China's machinery industry is a rare opportunity.Machinery and equipment in our country are playing an increasingly important role in the international arena, achieved sales of 678 billion euros last year alone, increased about 20% from a year ago.China's machinery and equipment sales is equivalent to a third of global machinery and equipment sales.At the same time, China's exports in 2012 accounted for the proportion is as high as 11.2%, overtaking Japan rose to the third, the rising power of China's machinery industry is conducive to domestic enterprises.

(2)Brizil government plans to raise import tariffs, affect the export fasteners.The car industry is one of the largest industry demand for fasteners.Brazil is the world's major automobile manufacturing center, one of the world's fourth largest automobile sales market sales reached 3.8 million cars in Brazil (2012).Last year, Brazil produced 293000 Volkswagen golf car car, each car needs 1200 fasteners.But according to the latest news, Brazil had expected expire on December 31, 2013, the import tariffs on NCM8462.10.90 - Ex18 system will be abolished during September, import tariffs will be raised from 2% to about 14%.This will affect our country export fasteners, machinery and equipment in Brazil.

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