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The difficulty in expanding export of mechanical products in China will gradually increase in 2014 year

2012/8/11 view:

The difficulty in expanding export of mechanical products in China will gradually increase in 2014 year

The difficulty of mechanical products export growth gradually increase in 2014 year, China's machinery industry annual export growth is expected to about 8%.

The reporter understands from 19, China machinery industry federation, although the current international comparison of Chinese mechanical product has certain advantages, but years of export growth have led to the increasingly severe trade friction.Coupled with the rising of RMB exchange rate to weaken its competitiveness, the difficulty of further expand exports this year, China mechanical products is increasing.
, said an official with the China machinery industry federation of machinery industry in China has experienced a rapid growth of the "15" and "11th five-year plan" and has dropped sharply in the 2011, 2012, two years later, will continue to steadily medium growth momentum last year, this year is expected to enter a relatively stable stage of development at a moderate speed.

Analyzes believed that this year China's machinery industry development of the external environment of tight situation difficult have improved markedly, but overall still is expected to remain stable.At present China's machinery industry is still the major issues of economic operation for the new demand and innovation ability is weak, and so on.This year, especially, the situation of comprehensively deepen reform of mechanical enterprise subjective response capacity will put forward higher requirements, machinery enterprises in China will further aggravate of differentiation, annexation and reorganization among enterprises will continue to accelerate.This year China's machinery industry production and sales and profit growth will reach about twelve percent.

In addition, the analysis according to the personage inside course of study, with the continuous improvement of machinery and technology of China, as well as the overseas capital market more and more demand for engineering machinery, the export of Chinese engineering machinery market is expected to highlight frequency increases.

This year the global recession, the appreciation of the renminbi, rising prices of raw materials such as adverse factors, will also pose challenge to China's auto export market.

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