Single stage spit cae oil pump API610 standard


PDMAPI petrochemical pump
This series of products in the design, production and testing, etc. mainly follow the bellowing latest version standards and specifications:
API610 “centrifugal pump for industrial usage in petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas”

The technical parameter of type APIS pump

Pump inlet and outlet diameter: 80-400m

Capacity Q: 22-3200m^3/h

Head H: 7-216m

Technical advantage

APIS pump is in full compliance with API610 standards

1.1   The service life is designed for more than 20 years (not include in wearing parts). The continuous working life is designed for more than 3 years.

1.2   When changed bigger impeller diameter or used different impeller hydraulic model, the pump head will be risen for more than 5% under the rated operating conditions.

1.3   APIS pump can run continuously in the rated speed 105% at least. In the emergency conditions, it can run in a short time at security speed higher than driver speed.

1.4   APIS pump is designed with NPSH safe margin to ensure the damage caused by cavitation, fluid return and fluid separate flow in all pump flow.

1.5   The pump working flow area in the range of pump flow 70%-120% of the impeller’s best efficiency point. The rated flow point is the range of pump flow 80%-110% of the impeller’s best efficiency point.

Split case structure, maintenance advantage

Axial split case structure with middle section of coupling between the connection of pump and motor makes it convenient for maintenance and disassembly. No need to open the pump case when replacement of pump seals and bearings. No need to remove piping and motor when checking the pump parts inside.

Perfect monitoring systems for pump units

To protect the security and comprehensive monitoring equipment unit operation, our APID serial pump can be selected the following monitoring system according to the actual situation of the user: Bearing temperature monitoring system, vibration system, and leakage monitoring system.



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